I sell PASS to Taipei (30% discount) - PPPoker Festival Taiwan

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    My name is Abat Nagimetov. I am from Kazakhstan, Almaty.

    I won PASS Taiwan last weekend (PPPoker Festival Taiwan, September 13-16).

    PASS includes (NTD$22,000):

    - NTD$11,000 entry to the Main Event Day 1;

    - NTD$11,000 accommodations and flights allowance.

    The rate USD $1 = NTD$30.65. The total cost of the PASS is USD $717.8.

    Since I do not have the opportunity to fly to Taiwan, I will give the PASS for USD $500 (30% discount). I already got permission for the deal from the organizers of the tournament. Write in a personal.

    E-mail: abat.nagmet@gmail.com

    Phone: +7 (707) 31 96 999